How SCORE helped. 
Kimbra Orr founded Kimbra Studios in 1999 and quickly became the industry leader in custom photo jewelry and accessories. As the original designer of this unique jewelry, she began producing photo charm bracelets and cufflinks in the basement of her home.
A stay-at-home mom of two, Kimbra came up with a unique business idea: Why hide a treasured photo inside a locket? She used credit cards and personal lines of credit to turn her idea into a reality. Kimbra began experimenting with all types of sealants, searching for one that would be airtight, waterproof and would last a lifetime without damaging the photo or piece. When she discovered and created her patented sealant, the hard part was over and she got to enjoy herself creating designs that are unique and compelling.
Kimbra is a huge proponent of flexible work schedules. Kimbra Studios now has six employees, all of whom work a flexible schedule to accommodate their own busy family lives.
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SCORE is proud to be a part of Kimbra Studios’ success.
Kimbra Studios Success With the Help of SCORE