My successes. 

The team prospered and their revenue for 2010 exceeded $1.4 million with a 2.0 million outlooked for 2011 with substantial profit. Janey and John are adamant about keeping costs pared down as far as possible and keeping quality high, which enabled them to produce profits each year since Epicurean’s founding. They recently negotiated for a line of credit from Heartland Bank to expand the business to the next level. In January 2011 Epicurean Butter moved into a 13,500 sq ft production facility that offers room for growth and a bright outlook for this specialty food manufacturer.

How SCORE helped. 

Janey and her husband, John, co-founded Epicurean Butter in 2004 with the help of John Nitsche, SCORE Counselor. John, who executes all product development and runs the operations part of the business, was an experienced upscale chef and Janey contributed administrative, marketing, and outreach experience. The challenge Epicurean Butter faced was first to market with a retail product that chefs used in restaurant kitchens. Education and merchandising suggestions accompanied every sales call.

Key Topics

Epicurean Butter Finds Success With Advice From SCORE